Lilly and Lana Wachowski have done some incredible things in the world of cinema, producing numerous mainstream blockbusters and cult classics in their time. "The Matrix" saga, "V for Vendetta," "Speed Racer,"

Wachowski sisters have their share of productions that turned in disappointing performances critically, financially, or, in some rare instances, both

Last minute budget cuts had Mila Kunis realizing before cameras even started to roll that Jupiter Ascending was destined for failure

Its budget was around $200 million, but with negative reviews pummeling Jupiter's Ascending upon its release

It was also a big contender at the Razzie Awards with Eddie Redmayne bestowed with the "Worst Supporting Actor" award.

it would be easy for Kunis to look back at Jupiter's Ascending as a career misstep, but the film bombing was actually something the actress predicted from starting 

Jupiter Ascending” couldn’t quite get it right. It showed promise, but between the budget cuts and the tumultuous production, it was fighting an uphill battle from the start

"The Matrix" saga, "V for Vendetta," "Speed Racer," and more came into being and found some measure of success under their direction

Mila Kunis recently appeared on the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast and touched on the unsavory fate of "Jupiter Ascending." Surprisingly, most involved saw the film's failure coming from a mile away,

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a shame that “Jupiter Ascending” couldn’t find its footing.