Everyone has seen Von Miller’s unique hair cut, or at least heard about it. And now you can get one for free

The back of Von Miller's hair is a triangle cut

According to miller A triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation

Triangles direct energy and power in the direction which they point

You can get one for free throughout the season at Highmark Stadium.

Right before you turn onto Abbott Road, as if you were heading to the Hammer’s Lot, you will see a tent set up that specializes in Von Miller hair cuts

They go by the name of “Seven One Slicks Barber Shop” and they have a sign that says Free Von Miller Hair Cuts!

If you want a hair cut that means more than just its style, wait until the next Buffalo Bills game and pop by this tent .

Von Miller has a couple meanings for his triangle haircut he rocked during Week 1

Photo Credit: Dennis Michael via Seven One Slicks The cut may have been free, but gratuity was still appreciated