Avocado had good demand in market so become a suplier of it 


Egg is used in all dish and hav good business be a supplier for eggs 

you can open small street food like samosa vada pav etc 

Street Food 


You can start small chocolate unit and sell to local shop 

jelly chocolate 

kids like jelly chocolate so it had good sale you can start from home itself 


be a fish supplier in your location and supply fish 

Poutry farm 

poultry farming you can start small from home then sell to local shop ya end user 

veggies outlet 

you can open small veggies outlet in your location 

Fish Boat 

you can buy a small boat for fishing it is too good business with high profit .

Grocery shop

Grocery shop start you own shop with best and good quality goods

sweet shop

open you sweet shop it has good income