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Let us discuss how to start a business in a village location and earn in lak with less investment. so let us discuss one by one in detail.

 Farming Poultry : 

Starting a chicken farm does not require a lot of money or land. The only responsibility is to rear small chickens for a few weeks before selling them in the market or to wholesalers. Cash investment is needed to start a poultry business. you can begin to way chicken farm once you can set up a boiler chicken and second we can do country chicken farming which is cost range in the market for 1 kg is 500 rs else boiler chicken starts from 250  per kg. both have good demand in need and you can get accessible business without too much marketing.

Agarbatti Making:

Starting an agarbatti-making business is a great way to get into the incense stick manufacturing business. you can start with less investment with a high start agarbatti you need a few processes to complete business including business registration, licenses, investment, location, machinery, raw material, marketing, etc. ones you are done with all the registration processes you can start your business with little labor. for the labor part you can hire home-working women it will be good for them to earn money and as well you will get at a lesser price. the pack is sold out in the market from 5 rs and goes up to 500. and this is life long business you can easily make good money. start with homemade rather than using the machine in starting stage. how to make you will get the best video on youtube.

Vegetable farming:

you can start your own vegetable farming and supply in a small city and earn income. when it comes to vegetables you can make daily money trying to see which crops have good demand in the market and daily to daily needs by customers such as leafy veggies like coriander and pudina. these are two important were every hotel needs daily u can earn up to 1000 rs net profit. kindly focus on leafy veggies if possible try to do indoor farming to protect from rain.

Grocery Store

This is one business option that is widely explored by almost every section of society. Every household needs grocery items. Therefore, opening a ‘grocery’ store is one of the simplest businesses in India. All you need is to get a shop to rent and reach out to suppliers of the products. since you are in the village you can get income by trying to keep all types of grocery items.

mushroom farming

ones of the most and best businesses in India to earn in good income this farming .you just need some space and you can sell per 100 gm for 40 rs .and since this is used in all fast food chains and all hotels .in India  Uttar Pradesh is the leading producer of mushrooms followed by Tripura and Kerala .

Natural Compost

The few ingredients required are horse dung, poultry manure, wheat straw, and gypsum. Wheat straw must be sliced finely. Horse dung should not be mixed with that of other animals. It must be freshly collected & not exposed to rain. After the ingredients are mixed, they are uniformly spread in the composting yard. Water is sprayed on the surface to wet the that tray in a dark place. complete farming will discuss in another blog in detail.


bakery shop

you can set up a small bakery shop with all the sweets and other stuff it will work good in the village area since the city is far from their location and secondary in every festival people buy sweets it will be good and sales will increase and also try to add few fast foods as a side such as a vada pav,gobi, etc etc .











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