Here let us discuss how to start your food delivery service any were across the world. Online food delivery service has gained massive traction, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic when the restaurants were shut down for dine-in. With majority younger generation,who are far from family for work as well as bachelor  preferring to order food online, the demand for online food delivery services keeps on rising. The main advantage of the food delivery services is the provision of food whenever and wherever the customer  wants.

Top Food Delivery Services Companies in the World

  1. Meituan
  2. Uber Eats
  3. Delivery Hero
  4. DoorDash
  5. Grubhub
  6. Swiggy
  7. Zomato


Meituan – Revenue [US$13.7 Billion].Meituan is a China-based online-to-offline shopping platform for local providers of consumer products and retail services – which includes entertainment, dining, delivery, and other services also . The company operates numerous apps and websites for various services and it offers deals with selling vouchers on local services and entertainment.




Uber Eats

Uber is one of food delivery start in india as well as in other country also .Established in 2014 by Uber, Uber Eats is a food requesting and conveyance stage where clients can ride through menus, , request food, and pay to eateries utilizing the application produced for both Android and iOS platfoms. Uber Eats is functional in 32 nations and feasts are for the most part conveyed via vehicles or bicycles. total  Income [US$4.8 Billion].

Delivery Hero

Conveyance Legend is a German global web-based food-conveyance administration situated in Berlin, Germany. The organization works in 50+ nations globally in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Center East and accomplices with 500,000+ cafés .


Grubhub Inc. is an American on the web and versatile arranged food requesting and conveyance stage. The organization is situated in Chicago, Illinois, and was established in 2004. It is an auxiliary of the Dutch organization Simply Eat Focus point

The company is based in Chicago, Illinois and was founded in .Net revenue : US$−156 million (2020).


Zomato is an Indian worldwide café aggregator and food conveyance organization established by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. Zomato gives data, menus and client audits of cafés as well as food conveyance choices from accomplice eateries in select urban communities.



Pick From a Wide Selection Of Restaurants With Amazing Discounts. Order Now On Swiggy. Hundreds Of Options To Choose From And The Most Delicious Food To Gorge On. Order Now. Hassle-Free Ordering. Live Order Tracking. Wide Range Of Restaurants. well these are the players in the market so if ou want to start your own delivery services you need the following detiails .


Before you start any business you need to study market .so let me help you in this first check out good location were you can delivery food such as few building ya complex out of city ya industry which is far from market this is place were you can get maxmimum business .


The next relevant step would be to obtain all the necessary licenses for starting a food delivery business in your area. Some of these include licenses like the FSSAI license . Next a shop act license, health trade license, GST registration, and trademark registration.

All of these will be the necessary security and permissions that you need to run a successful business. Fassi you can apply online ya from your nearby Municipal Corporation of your city.


Most restaurants choose to partner with third-party platforms, such as zomato and swiggy . This is one of the easiest and quickest ways of starting delivery services, though you’ll have to pay commission, listing, and delivery fees. Study all potential partners and talk to their representatives directly for complete information. You can also consult your peers for their opinion and reviews. get hold of few hotel which have but less business due to bad location ya area it will be easy to connect such hotel easy for starting level . secondary you can get tie up with cloud kitchen the concept were home ladies provide home made food .


Afer all this process you need to create website ya application were you can list all the hotel information and menu .from which customer will see add item to card and u will get order so that you can delivery food ya any other item as oer your listing .here you hav few option there are few company which procvide fully website and app in monthly paid service for business . ya you can create your own website which may cost you around 1lak if you want basic .any website ya applciation you make keep in mind name and working of website should be user friendly .


Here you need delivery boys who hav lience and two wheeler . make sure you take all delivery boy adhar car for security purpose and also gave them basic training who to handle people . some time people are angry due to late delivery in such cases you need to be calm . secondary dress code should be fix to all you delivery boys . make dress in light color so that people are can get focus on light color .and every ones should hav andriod mobile and application should be seprate for delivery boys .


The main is marketing of your brand and business , so how you are gonna grap more customer is most important , few option will list of for marketing one is you can do facebook ads with respect to your location . and do pamplets and stick to any building by taking permission . local news paper and tv ads these are all digital marekting . next you can keep all combo offer in food section and later you can keep offer in festival session . hope all points are clear . about how to start delivery system . and last think better to go bettary bike to reduce fuel cost while delivery . and keep few billing software and accounting software for maitaining your account and sales daily of business.thank you..will be back with new blog .











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