Best Keyword Research Tools for blogger In year 2022


You’ll get the best keyword research tools in this list.

I’ve explained each tool in detail.

Hence, even if you’re without much experience, you can understand the tools and this article with ease. here will share a few free tools also in the blog so that in starting you can focus on free tool alter once your Adsense get the approval you can move to paid keyword tools let me discuss them one by one.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Serpstat
  • Moz
  • KWfinder
  • google trends
  • google keyword planner

Lets us discuss one by one


  • Uncover millions of national & local keywords
  • Analyze any domain’s backlink profile
  • Run technical SEO audits
  • Track your SERP positions daily.

there are so many paid keyword tools. so coming to the point what are keywords .you have seen a lot of blog websites on google it may be related

Bollywood news car news etc. if you want to rank your blog at the top of Google. u need tools where you can search specific keywords where can identify the no of blogs that have the same keywords. for example, as shown in the images below :

Here we have searched hotels you can see here keywords . and keywords volume you can see in these images .these kinds of tools are very useful based on this analysis .you can write a blog it will be easy to rank in google. suppose if i search ear money check this out.

Hope you are clear now about keyword tools usage.

Here you are able to see the keyword variations. you can focus too all keywords in one blog. these tools are paid one . will discuss a few more tools and then move with free tools.

these are the blog that have already coved this topic. this last images will show all those details.


Here comes one more paid tool where it has key features :

  • audit and optimized your website
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Find keywords your customers are searching for keyword explorer
  • Learn from your industry’s top-performing content
  • Track your ranking progress.

Ahrefs is an SEO keyword research tool through which you can explore different trending keywords in the search engine. Using this tool, you can also analyze the ranking of the keywords and calculate their traffic.

You get multiple keyword suggestions with accurate search volumes while using Ahrefs. And the best part is, that it processes keywords not just from Google but 10 different search engines.



Serpstat is an SEO software suite . It’s slowly evolved from a keyword research tool into a “growth hacking tool” that contains features for link building, technical SEO, PPC, and more. 
step to  how to use this tool :
  1. Head over to Google Trends.
  2. Type your keyword at the top and click on the search button.
  3. Check the results and check other keywords at the bottom of the page. Here is an example of Content Marketing.


Moz was one of the first free keyword research tools.

As it’s one of the most data and feature-rich SEO suits.


this has no navigation to other pages and extremely pin-pointed data.

This is what defines KWFinder best.

As is evident, for my seed keyword, it instantly generated hundreds of:

  1. Related keywords
  2. Autocomplete keywords
  3. And question keywords.

And, for each keyword, you will get

  • Search volume
  • CPC
  • PPC Competition
  • Difficulty

Google Trends

Google trends one of google tool to search keywords .its free tool you no need to pay any fee so you can search any topic in search area and you will get output of country and related keywords

















Here we have search word (blog ) so here are the output of that keywords as shown in images .and related topic with respect to that keywords .




















Here you can enter they keywords and get result as shown in figure and you can run ads too .you can see here monthly search see which all tool are comfortable as per my view better go with free first later on you can switch to paid .


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