Today we have brought a new shortlink website for you, in which you can short and share it with your friends, you can earn online, so let’s start and tell you about this website in detail,

Before starting this article, let me tell you that I will give you all the information from creating an account to withdrawing money, just you have to read this article completely and share it with your friends.

ones you register you will get following pannel

Main dashboard has been opened in front of you, in which you can see how much you have earned so far. Apart from how much you have earned from referrals, you will see all the information above how many clicks have come on the links that you created. 

Now the most important thing is you will see a button at the top of the new short link on which you have to click on any gender and share it, if you click on it together then you get money.

 All your earnings here are in dollars and when 1000 clicks come on any one of your gender, then you get $3, which is a good amount, 

now you have to shorten the link in the same way. And share it in Facebook group WhatsApp group, for this you can also join maximum group of different countries you will get google .

if you gave good time you can earn monthly 15 thousand from this website just to focus on which people like the most such as jokes video , laughing video’s .

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