Hello friends, today we have brought a new website for you, in which you can short and share it with your friends, you can earn online, so let’s start and tell you about this website .

Before starting this article, let me tell you that I will give you all the information from creating an account to withdrawing money, just you have to read this article .

How to create account on this site?

So for that, first of all you have to go to the bottom of this article, where you will see a 60 second timer running, wait for it to end, as soon as the time is over, a visit button will appear in front of

 you, by clicking on which you can click on their official websiteYou can reach the site.

So as soon as you reach their site, you will see a sign up button, you have to click on it, 

how to earn money from this site?

Now your main dashboard has been opened in front of you, in which you are showing how much you have earned so far, how much have you earned from your referrals, apart from how many clicks have come on the links that you had created. You will see above. 

Now the most important thing is you will see a button at the top of the new short link on which you have to click on any gender and share it, if you click on it together then you get money. this app is there in play store just download and follow the step and u will get different way to earn money . see which is perfect and get reward in which reward is convert into currency .


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